5 Surprising Ways of Using a Traditional Paper Clip

Paper clips are most often used to do what their name implies: clip paper together. However, there are a plethora of other inventive and useful ways that one may make use of this standard office staple.

1. A Mini Cleaner:

Small things, such as jewelry or electronics, might be difficult to clean with your hands. If you wrap a piece of tissue, wet wipe, or cotton around a paper clip, you'll have a little cleaning tool that's ideal for dusting hard-to-reach nooks.

2. A Tape Edge Holder:

If you continually forget your place in a roll of tube, scotch, or painter's tape, loop the edge around with a paper clip to make a simple tab. The tip will not only be easy to locate, but it will also be simple to pull when needed.

3. A Phone Stand:

If you're bored of holding your phone while you're resting, watching YouTube videos, or cooking while following a recipe you discovered online, you can construct a temporary phone stand with a few fast bends to the paper clips.

4. A Cable Organizer:

You may use paper clips to organize your connections and cables if you want to. It is a simple method to keep all of your cords organized. Some people have drawers full of wires that are truly all over the place and refuse to use tapes. I believe paper clips would be appropriate for such folks. All you must do is bend the wires and then wrap the paperclip around them, and you're ready to go.

5. A Flower Holder:

To build a gorgeous bouquet for a pal or to adorn your own house, just unwrap a few paper clips and utilize the clips to fix flowers into position. You might also use them to hang your gorgeous photos and artwork.




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