Look at these Amazing Alternative Uses of a Paper Clip!

Paper clips are inexpensive and basic office supplies that may be used in several ways. They may be used as either temporary solutions to an urgent crisis or as low-cost, long-term fixes to life's little annoyances. Paper clips may be your best pals; here are five creative ways to put them to use. You'll be surprised at a few things you can create with paper clips. The options are limitless!

1. Attach it to The End of The Tape:

Before putting duct tape, or packing tape, attach a paper clip to the adhesive side of the tape roll's end. The next time you use the tape, you won't have to look for the tip or waste several minutes attempting to peel the end free from the body of the roll.

2. Create an Effortless Bookmark:

Do you need the means to mark the page in the book you're reading? To build a fast and straightforward improvised bookmark, thread a piece of fabric through and into the tip of a paper clip.

3. Hang Up Small Things:

To hang up things like photographs in a non-damaging manner, you can use paper clips. Simply slip a paper clip over the top of the photograph, and then hook the opposite end of the paper clip onto the prong of the pushpin.

4. Clean Small Spaces:

Paperclips can be used to clean small spaces like your keyboard. Wrap a piece of tape around a paperclip backward and slide that along your keys. It will assist you in removing all of the crumbs and muck that have fallen there.

5. Scratching and Carving:

To create exquisite carvings in something or engravings on scratch art, use either the sharp tip or the curled end of a paperclip.


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