5 Different Ways to Use a Paper Clip

If you purchase a large pack of paper clips, you might be wondering what you can all do with them to make use of them. You imagine that they could be given a number of jobs, and that is true. There are various ways that you can use paper clips.

Use Paper Clips in the Office in Three Different Ways:

If you have something to hang up in your office and a nail in the wall where you can hang that, you might use a paper clip to hook things up and make it easier for you to hang the item. If you have a number of receipts that you need to keep together, a second good use for paper clips is to keep those in one place. Paper clips can be used when you need to poke a hole in something while in your office and without other tools.

Use Paper Clips in Your Home in Two Different Ways:

If you have ornaments that you want to put up on a tree but you do not have enough hooks to put those up, a paper clip can be reconfigured in a way that helps it work as a hook. You can secure all kinds of ornaments with a paper clip. If you are looking to put together a chain necklace or a chain garland that you can hang up, you can connect paper clips to one another to make that.

There are Many Ways Paper Clips Can be Used:

The more that you play around with paper clips, the more uses you will come up with for them.

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