5 Uses For A Paper Clip

Most homeowners' desk drawers contain dozens of paper clips of various sizes, colors, and shapes. Besides holding a few papers together, paper clips have loads of uses outside the office too. These metal fasteners can solve several everyday problems. Today, we are revealing the 5 uses of paper clips that we know you are going to love. 

1. Mark Your Spot 

You can use paper clips to mark your spot on several rolls of tape, including transparent tape, painter's tape, packing tape, and duct tape. Other than marking your spot on duct tapes, you can also attach these metal fasteners to each end of wrapping paper to avoid the paper from untangling in storage. 

2. Hang Lightweight Objects 

You can also use paper clips to hang lightweight objects, such as photographs, papers, strings of decorative lights, and more. After attaching each item to a Paper Clip, you can secure the clips to a string or use hooks or tape to exhibit the collection on the wall. 

3. Reset Electronics 

Most electronics, such as routers or modems, have a tiny little reset button. You can use a paper clip to reboot certain electronics; simply unbend your paper clips and use the sharp end to push the reset button. 

4. Hold Flowers Together 

You don't need an expensive and high-quality florist's wire to grasp your beautiful bouquet of blooms in place. Instead, you can use a paper clip as a budget-friendly alternative to an expensive florist's wire. All you need to do is unbend several paper clips and use them to position each flower precisely where you want it. 

5. Keep Your Food Fresh 

Not many people know this, but you can use paper clips to keep your snacks fresh for a long time. You don't need plastic clips to hold cereal and chips bags closed. Instead of twist ties, you can even use your paper clip to close your bread bags.

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