5 Uses For A Paper Clip

Paper clips are a very useful stationery item. They are a great means of holding the bulk of paper together and organizing large stacks. However, did you know that there are several other things you can do with a paper clip? Kawaii pen shop has a wide array of beautiful paper clips that you can use for several purposes. Please continue to read as we highlight five ways you can use paper clips.

Make a DIY bookmark

Don’t have a bookmark? No problem. You can easily make a DIY bookmark from a paperclip. The Sakura cherry blossom paper clip can make for a beautiful bookmark. You can add a ribbon to the end or use it as it is. The metal clip comes in an individual transparent casing and can make a beautiful little gift for some.

Attach photos or cards

Using cute paper clips to hang photos or cards is a great way to add a personal touch while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the journal or the notepad. The pink heart-shaped paper clips at Kawaii are perfect for this. They are just the right size and make for a cute adornment. Each heart-shaped paper clip is packed individually and is made of metal and plastic.

DIY Jewelry

Paper clips can be used to make DIY jewelry or hairpins. You can use plain paper clips and add accessories of your own choice, or you can use decorative paper clips like glass ball paper clips from Kawaii. They can also be used as bookmarks or for decorating your planners. Each clip is 7cm long, and one set has five clips of random colors.

DIY Key chain

Have you run out of key chains at home? Just use a paperclip to hold the keys together. The Kawaii pom pom paper clips or the glass ball design paper clips make for a cute yet handy key chain.

Organize your papers

While the basic paper clip can only hold only a few papers together, the KOKOYU corner paper clip set of three is very useful as it can hold around 40 papers at one time. Each set consists of a pink, yellow, and turquoise clip. They look good when attached and keep the paper stack intact.

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