Five Uses for a Paper Clip

If you have been using paper clips for holding stacks of paper together only, you are probably unaware of the various uses of paper clips. The Kawaii Pen Shop features a wide range of paper clips in different shapes, sizes and designs, which can serve various purposes.Let us inspire you to use that box of paper clips in your drawer in various ways. Here are five unique and crafty ideas.

1. Tying and securing bags

Are you tired of your bread going stale due to a loose bag? Use a Paper Clip to tie the end and prevent air and moisture from running through your bread. Straighten the clip and tie it around the bag. You can use this hack to prevent your bag of cookies, pretzels or chips from going bad too.

2. Cleaning purposes

The pointy end of the paper clip can be very useful in cleaning tight spaces and holes that other cleaning tools cannot reach. Simply unwind the paper clip and wrap a paper towel at the pointed end of the clip. Now insert it into the enclosed space to clean out the gunk and clean it out thoroughly. 

You can also use the paper clip to clean out the hair from your hairbrush. It can effectively remove the tangled hair which is wrapped around the bristles of the brush.

3. Organizing your paper rolls

If you love organized spaces, that disheveled roll of wrapping paper in the living room might be unraveling for you. However, with a paper clip, you can easily secure the loose end of the paper roll and make it look neat and tidy.

4. DIY bookmark

Looking for a bookmark to save the page you are reading in a captivating book? Fix a paper clip on that page, and you have an instant bookmark ready for use.

5. DIY key ring 

Tired of losing your keys? Use a paper clip to secure all your keys in one place. Now you do not have to worry about losing your keys every now and then.


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