Paper Clips: 5 Ways to Use Them

A paper clip is an essential office supply with various uses. Hundreds of paper clips in all sizes, shapes, and colors can be found in most people's desk drawers. Kawaii pen shop has a great selection of paper clips perfect for school, home, or office. These paper clips vary in color, style, and size to fit your needs. So whether you require paper clips for your office or a kid's DIY project, head on to Kawaii Pen Shop, which has a wide variety of paper clips. Let's have a look at five interesting ways to use a paper clip:

1. Hold papers together: A paper clip is a perfect way to hold together a stack of papers. Pull the middle part of the paper clip open and slide it over the top and back of the paper stack, and it will keep the papers in place.

2. Use as a Smartphone stand: If you need a hands-free way to view your smartphone, a paper clip can come in handy. Bend the paper clip to form a triangle, and then place your phone on top of it. The paper clip will act as a stand, holding your phone in place.

3. Organize cords and cables: Paper clips are great for organizing cords and cables. Wrap the cord around the paper clip and twist it to secure it in place. This will keep your cords from getting tangled.

4. Make a bookmark: A paper clip makes a great bookmark. Open up the paper clip and then slip it over the top of the page you want to bookmark. The paper clip will mark your place when you're ready to resume reading.

5. Fix a Zipper: A paper clip can help you fix it if your zipper comes undone. Open up the paper clip and hook it onto the teeth of the zipper. This will keep the zipper in place to continue wearing your garment.


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